Syntax hessischer Dialekte (SyHD) - Workshop

"Dialect Syntax - The State of the Art"

This conference will take place from Thursday, 4 December 2014 (Warming Up) to Saturday, 6 December 2014 at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Its focus will be on presenting the results of dialect syntactic research and on discussing their role in advancing contemporary syntactic theory.

The program is complete: SyHD-Workshop - Programm (with linked abstracts), and SyHD-Workshop - Programm (printer-friendly version).
Orientation Map here. Find Building No. 1 ("IG-Hochhaus").

Keynote Speakers:

Sjef Barbiers (Amsterdam)
Lars-Olof Delsing (Lund)
Elvira Glaser (Zürich)
Mark L. Louden (Madison/Wisconsin)

We invite abstracts for presentations that include:

- empirically and/or theoretically oriented investigations of dialect syntactic phenomena,
- the implications of dialect syntactic research for syntactic theory,
- discussions of the methodology of dialect syntactic research.

Abstracts should be one page in length, and may be written in English and German. Any theoretical approach, formal or functional, is welcome. The conference is not limited to any particular language area.

All Abstracts are to be sent to


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